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We make it fast & easy to find the best deal

I was amazed to see how easy and quick it is to get different car insurance rates, Upload/Send documents and payment options! Really apreciate the efforts!

Cristina Anca

This app offers quick, convenient and hassle-free solution to car owners for insuring their cars. Definetly worth giving it a try and will be using it again for my next car insurance for sure.

Ahmad Al Nashash

I was worried my car’s insurance policy as it was about to expire in a couple of days. Thanks to the Mimba, I just renewed my policy in minutes! Love it!

Johnny Huntington

This app is excellent for anyone who is looking to compare and pick and insurance policy online. Great job! Thanks a ton!

Uzair Hassan

We really had no clue when we first bought our first car! Only when we heard about mimba to find out how easy it is to get compare insurance rates and buy one! Great Job!

Mavis Tariq

Really appreciate the efforts for providing car owners with an easy to use app that also allows them to renew car insurance quickly. Overall great app and instant services!

Abdullah Al Kenji