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About Us

Mimba is one of the leading car insurance comparison platforms in United Arab Emirates. Our single aim is to help find the perfect car insurance policy for you, without all of the hassle of having to gather information and compare quotes manually. Car insurance doesn't have to be painful when using Mimba. Finding car insurance is instant.

Car Insurance Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

How does mimba work?

Mimba exists to provide you with the most convenient method of finding the perfect car insurance for you. Using the Mimba website, you can search and compare car insurance policies to find the best to suit your needs.

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Why use Mimba?

At Mimba, we're dedicated to provide simplifying the experience of searching for and purchasing car insurance in the United Arab Emirates. Mimba is your one stop for comparing car insurance policies, choosing the best deal for you, and purchasing it fast. Car insurance just went instant.

Mimba Instant Car Insurance
Mimba Instant Car Insurance